180 Therapy & Wellness - Promoting A Shift Within You
180 Therapy & Wellness - Promoting A Shift Within You

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you take insurance?

Seeing a PT who practices independent of the insurance industry can be a benefit to your privacy and care. With the rise of co-pays (up to $80 per session), an efficient skilled PT may cost you less in both time and money.

Why don't you take Medicare?

Unfortunately, Medicare has a rule that if I am NOT a Medicare provider, a Medicare client can NOT choose to pay cash for services that are covered by Medicare.

I have Medicare. Why can't I pay cash for PT?

This is a complex topic and it is difficult to get a consistent straight answer even from the experts. Basically, Medicare says its beneficiaries cannot choose to pay cash for a covered benefit. PT is a covered benefit. Beneficiaries can choose to pay cash for non-covered services such as wellness and coaching.

How do I submit to my insurance company?

Around the end of each month, you will receive an itemized invoice detailing each date of service and the necessary codes to submit to your insurance company. Additional information that most insurance companies request is also on the invoice. All policies are different. It is recommended you contact your insurance company to understand what you can expect for reimbursement of services provided by 180 Therapy and Wellness.

Why Health & Wellness Coaching?

Sometimes we have goals and desires but the path to success is unclear. Coaching is an option to clarify goals and strategize ways to be successful which are unique to you. Topics are almost limitless and could include sleep, nutrition, stress, financial fitness, weight management, life balance, exercise and more!

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